Sunday, 4 March 2012


The Project

The Project: The Project is currently set out in three stages; the first is a discussion between a collective of artist on specific subject regarding current social issues, which is chosen either as a collective or proposed by an individual artist. The discussion will take place at a location related to the subject matter; this directly involves the community and intends to influence the development of sourcing new strategies in change. The second stage is a series of symposiums delivered by all artists involved. They will present their strategies’ on the issue found within their own practise; they will give a semi-realised idea either through writings, film, photography, sculpture, drawings etc. The third stage will be an event that will house the documentation of all stages of the process and the current works based on the developments of strategies concerned with the issue selected. All artists at the event will be represented on an individual bases rather that a collective. The event intends to showcase The Projects aims and the potential of the influences this way of working can have.

1/4 Corner and Gap Bewteen Floor Boards 2012.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Journal: Entry 2

Have posted some work on Saatchi online. It’s harder than you may think; I have never had to think of my work in terms of dimensions before. Let alone the weight. May take this into a bit more consideration in future.
I have been criticized on my artist statement today; which is very helpful, however it has got me thinking about the idea of writing one. This thought may seem strange but it has occurred to me that writing one is an impossible task. I took the approach to keep it open ended, describe what makes me tick about the world, almost akin to the umbrella you work under.
It’s clear that the current statement does not ‘personally’ bridge the gap between audience and the work in writing, so one could say that the work may struggle to physically?
Anyone have any tips on their approach?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do bones laced with gold resin float? No.

Journal: Entry 1

Writing is hard for me, which is why I am so dependant on the visual. This does effect a large portion of gaining a professional practise.
Having said that accepting and understanding this is a portion of the problem solved!
Setting up NewRED and working with the others has been a great support group. People that acknowledge and understand your strengths rather your weaknesses is a great way to boost your confidence, for example I would have never published this post a few months ago.

After my degree, I intend to set up a small pilot organisation/club that looks to the needs of people who are creative and are struggling/struggled with similar problems.
Sometimes its not about the fact you cant read or write like other, its more about acceptance and understanding by both yourself and others.