Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Project

The Project: The Project is currently set out in three stages; the first is a discussion between a collective of artist on specific subject regarding current social issues, which is chosen either as a collective or proposed by an individual artist. The discussion will take place at a location related to the subject matter; this directly involves the community and intends to influence the development of sourcing new strategies in change. The second stage is a series of symposiums delivered by all artists involved. They will present their strategies’ on the issue found within their own practise; they will give a semi-realised idea either through writings, film, photography, sculpture, drawings etc. The third stage will be an event that will house the documentation of all stages of the process and the current works based on the developments of strategies concerned with the issue selected. All artists at the event will be represented on an individual bases rather that a collective. The event intends to showcase The Projects aims and the potential of the influences this way of working can have.

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